The North East hits a home run on Sunday night at Split with local favourites Maximo Park gracing the stage to close the festival.  The lads have been travelling the world since forming in the years 2000, 14 years on and the band has recently released their fifth album, Too Much Information, which is causing waves in the musical community…welcome back to Split lads, bigger and better than ever before.


The five piece alternate rock group, have stayed true to their roots having done two sell out shows at Newcastle’s O2 academy this year as well as a free gig at Sunderland record shop Pop Recs Ltd in March. The tour also included gigs at Portsmouth, Glasgow, Leeds and London. However, the Geordie lads will undergo a 10 gig tour across the USA during May before they return to England, and ultimately the North East.


Too Much Information includes 11 tracks with hit single Leave This Island, showing off the bands musical ease, which in turn ultimately produces a rock tune to be proud of. The album gives a sense of bright snapshots, as vivid as paint being slashed across a wall. Strangely enough this is just another example that the group have stuck to their path and of course their indie rock core. Singer Paul Smith said: “This is us and if you don’t like it unlucky – we’re not going to change for you.”


It’s a statement which I’m sure may offend some people but nevertheless a true and fearless one. From their debut album, A Certain Trigger supported by singles Apply Some Pressure and Graffiti the band were able to gather an allegiance of fans as they became the first band to play the Ibiza Rocks festival on its opening event.


The wheels kept turning and their second and third albums followed shortly, Our Earthly Pleasures which reached number two in the UK album charts in 2007 and Quicken the Heart. Before The National Health, became their fourth album when it was released in 2012 driven by singles Hips and Lips and of course The Undercurrents.








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